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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving with reflexology!

Happy thanksgiving to you all!

This is a tradition that is unknown in France where I live but I think it's a great tradition that should be widely applied.

If you've had too much food, use reflexology to ease the bloating and help you digest! The reflex zone for digestion is located in the middle part of the feet, on the soles. You could put a ball under your foot and make it roll, back to front, left to right. Don't forget to do both feet!

If you prefer to try a hand reflexology technique, interlace your fingers and place a small ball, like a golf ball, in your hands. Make the ball roll around until you feel better. It's a great way to unwind as well.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

As the days get shorter and the cold weather sets in, it's time to think about your feet and give them a treat to survive winter!

You can get my ebook to learn the main relaxation movements at home. The ebook also guides you to locate the reflex points on your feet and make the most of this wonderful natural well-being technique.

As we get near Christmas, you can also buy it for a friend or a member of your family. The pdf format means they can take it anywhere with them on a laptop: great for busy people that travel a lot!

Alternatively, think about purchasing gift vouchers from your local reflexologist. Most of them do Christmas gift vouchers, this would make an unsually but highly appreciated present.

The profession is now well recognised in most countries so you're bound to find a professional reflexologist in your area. Search google or ask around for recommendations.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Acufit mats

Another comment from Hems about acufit mats. Thanks for your input.

Have you heard of Acufit Mats? These mats utilize Foot Reflexology and Acupressure techniques. Simply walking on the mat for less than 5 minutes a day helps stimulate your body to promote total health. These mats can also help you Relieve Stress as acupressure helps release endorphins, which are the body's natural way to relieve stress and reduce pain.

Comments about products

Here is a comment by Els about some reflexology products. Thank you.

I think some of the attributes are useful. Like a footroller or a soft massagebal with soft pins on it.
It helps in massaging the whole digestion area. It is best when used several times during the day, but not constantly.
For reflexologyshoe's with hard pins on the reflexzones. I think they are a gadget, not an aid. If you imagine your whole bodyweight on just o few pins. Au!
There are also shoe's or slippers with the whole sole with softer pins close together. This is better for the weight is divided over a lot of pins.
In Belgium we have reflexology paths in nature where you can walk on different kind of soil. From mud to logs to soft sand to water to pebbles... It is fun!
What i also encountered was a carpet with plastic pebbles attached but the pebbles where to far away from eachother so you get the result again that it is to much. You're whole bodyweight on just one spot. No reflexologist applies that kind of pressure.

Hope this adds something


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reviewing or testing reflexology related products

I've just had an idea pop into my head (yes it does happen). There are many products out there that claim to be super effective for your well being and health: foot massager, reflexology socks, reflexology mats and so on.
How many have you tried? Do they work? How do they rate?

I'm going to try and collect a list of these products - they've got to be related to reflexology in some way - and write a review on them.

If you have any comments about reflexology products you have bought, please write to me.

If you are selling these products, maybe you can send me a sample or send me a description. the idea is not to give free advert space for a product but to try and give a fair and balanced view. Maybe using a polling system on this blog...

Anybody with ideas to help me set this up ???

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cool website advert

I recently got contacted by a studio in Paris that does videos for websites.
I really liked the idea, it's innovative and fun and gets the attention of the visitors. It can be used to talk about the site, present a new feature, focus on current offers...

Have a look at a demo they made of my French reflexology site. I thought it was great, that's why I share it with you.

They can also do this kind of advert in English and change the actor/actress to suit the needs of the site. So if you are into marketing, this might interest you. The company is called Creanimstudio based in France(+33 650013428).

Monday, May 30, 2011

Reflexology and French scandal

We have another scandal in France concerning a French minister. This time the minister for public service is accused of taking advantage of his female subordinates after offering them a foot reflexology session. We don't know if the claim is true but this type of behaviour is very bad for the image of the profession. People are mocking the use of reflexology, saying it's just an excuse to touch women's feet, get closer to them and sexually abuse them.

Have a look at the news about French minister Tron to find out. Of course, we are heading for general election (may 2012) so every accusation in the political field has to be taken with caution. I hope those women did not suffer such ordeal at work.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dreaming of moving to France ...

As you can see from my profile, I live in France and I suppose for many of you, this sounds like such a romantic place, a country you'd like to escape to.

Well, if you dream of leaving the rat race behind you, my husband can help you along the way. He develops web sites for French estate agents to advertise properties for sale in the lovely unspoiled South West of France.

I've got to say, we are very lucky to live in this area where, to the West, the forest is only stopped by the waves of the ocean, and, inland, the rolling hills abound with wild flowers and walnut trees.

Not forgetting the world famous vineyards producing renowned spirits like Cognac, excellent wines like Sauternes and Pomerol.

And if you tire of all this countryside, you can take a trip to Unesco World Heritage sites like Bordeaux or St Emilion.

So are you now ready to pack your bags?

The first step in making your dream a reality, is to browse through our websites and contact an agent to arrange visits for your next trip to France.
French property for sale


Friday, May 6, 2011

Benefits of yoga

I joined a yoga class many years ago, I found it was a great way to unwind and relax as well as keeping fit. Although it's not a strenuous sport, you can feel your muscles stretching.

I practiced right through my second pregnancy - avoiding some postures of course -, it helped me to prepare for the birth using breathing and relaxation techniques. Combined with self-help reflexology, I had an "easy" two hour labour, much better than the 15 hour labour I endured for my first child.

Actually if you are interested in running a class or practicing at home, you can also download a set of yoga gesture drawings here
108 yoga pose drawings

Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Gain Respect as a Reflexologist

This post was written by Pat Walling.

Gaining respect for holistic practices of any kind can be challenging. Chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists, as well as reflexologists have been forced to prove their sciences in all parts of the world. Over 150 years ago, even dentists fought the same battles. Yet the benefits of reflexology and other holistic practices speak for themselves once people try them. Relieving pain and suffering is the best path to recognition and respect. As those with online health care degrees will tell you, the best proof of efficacy is found in positive results.

Understanding Reflexology

Reflexology is simply a matter of understanding that all parts of the body are connected. Massaging, applying pressure or stimulation to one area impacts another corresponding area, relieving pain or improving function. Most reflexologists work with the foot, but the outer ear, the hand and many other parts of the body can also work. Just as we do not have to open the case on the television to change the channel (but instead have a choice of using the remote control or a button on the face of the television) so we can change the inside of the body by applying pressure to the foot, the hand or the external ear. The energies and electrical impulses are connected in a system, so that just as with the TV, by pressing on one external spot, something inside is changed. Thus reflexology is simply applying gentle stimulation or pressure to the foot, in order to improve the function of the internal organs. This is a very noninvasive method of treatment, which is completely safe and amazingly effective.

Reflexology is Painless, Noninvasive and Safe

Reflexology is a completely noninvasive method of treating all sorts of illnesses and stresses within the human body. Patients do not even have to undress, other than removing their shoes. Better yet, reflexology isn’t painful at all. In fact, most people find it very pleasant. Similarly, there is no way a person can be harmed by reflexology. Unlike pharmaceutical therapy, there are no drug recalls, dangerous unknown side effects or even the most remote possibility of allergic reaction. Also, unlike invasive medical procedures there is no recovery time involved, and no risk of fatality or further harm from treatment. Also because reflexology does not involve medications there is no risk of it conflicting in any way with other treatments.

Reflexology is Effective for a Number of Conditions

There has been documented success in treating a number of different illnesses and symptoms, including senile dementia, pain, premenstrual symptoms, migraine headaches and tension headaches with reflexology. Reflexology has also proven effective in alleviating the pains associated with several illnesses. For instance it can provide relief from the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and it is also useful in treating the pain and anxiety of cancer patients. In fact, one in three American Cancer patients turn to reflexology for pain relief. There is evidence that the use of holistic practices, including reflexology, in conjunction with neurological treatments can be beneficial and boost the efficacy of both treatments.

Professionalism and Knowledge Boost Credibility

One of the key elements in gaining respect for the practice of reflexology is educating the public and raising awareness. Therefore, reflexologists should talk about their work, and be able to explain their practice in a credible way. They should have plenty of literature available to illustrate to clients how their system works, and information about studies proving the effectiveness of their treatments. They should be able to explain procedures, before performing them, just as any other medical professional would. As such, reflexologists should avoid pushy sales technique and always remain professional.

The experience of receiving reflexology must also prove effective for the patient. Thirty years ago, acupuncture had many of the same battles in the United States. Acupuncture was not covered by insurance, and most people thought it was pure quackery. Only as people experienced the effectiveness of acupuncture and acupressure for themselves, did it become an accepted field. Today acupuncture and acupressure methods are covered by most insurance in the United States and acupuncture is frequently recommended by American doctors.

Standardizing Practices

It is vital for all reflexology practitioners to communicate with other reflexologists, and stay abreast of events and discoveries within the group. Luckily, there are several Reflexology Associations. These associations must unify and become a governing body for the field, before any progress can be made toward credible credentialing. It would also help the situation if this governing body had close ties with associations in other countries.

In the absence of laws governing the profession, reflexologists should seek to observe the standards of the noblest medical professionals. Perhaps by abiding by the < herf=”http://www.medword.com/PhysiciansCharter.html”> Physicians Charter, reflexologists could serve mankind in a way that would humble a neurosurgeon.

Educational and Licensing Standards

Currently, reflexology is not regulated or recognized by the mainstream French health care system. Treatments are not reimbursed, and there is no recognition of credentials whether a practitioner has a doctorate, merely a certificate or no training whatsoever.

The current non-regulated system has both advantages and pitfalls. The main advantage is that those who are talented in reflexology and cannot afford a medical doctorate can practice without government interference. The main pitfall is that there is no standard of practice, and no governing body to determine if a reflexologist is practicing reflexology correctly.

In order to remedy this situation, an independent authorizing body should be established, and all practitioners should be made to demonstrate their knowledge and ability in a standard exam. This exam should be created and administered cooperatively between all reflexology schools and organizations, not just one or the other. Even if a governmental board is not appointed, and the board offering credentials is not recognized by law, beginning a unified credentialing process would lend credibility to practitioners who hold the credentials.

Giving Clients Results

There is a great deal of evidence that reflexology works if done correctly. However it is vital that each practitioner of reflexology perform all the procedures properly, in order to attain favorable results from their work. Satisfied clientele will praise the effectiveness of treatments, and promote reflexology far more than the government or licensing agency.

Finally, it is important to remember that these battles for acceptance for reflexology and other holistic techniques have already been fought in many other countries. There are always skeptics, both the ignorant and the educated, who attempt to debunk holistic medicine. Only with high standards of expertise, quality care, professionalism and dramatic results will reflexology become as widely accepted in France, as it has in other parts of the world.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reflexology in France

Reflexology is used throughout the world but each country has a different approach to the therapy. For example, in France, reflexology is not recognized by the state so there are no standard training or qualifications. Unfortunately, this can lead to abuse and bad practices which in turn provides further evidence for those that think reflexology is quack therapy. This current situation is also bad for the end-users who can't rely on objective information regarding the training and skill of a reflexologist.

In fact, anyone can set up shop saying they are expert reflexologist! Or even set up a school and deliver diplomas that have no bearing on the quality of the training.

The only thing they are not allowed to do is to use the word "massage" as this term is the monopole of qualified physiotherapists. Any person claiming to provide a massage can be sued by the state! So in English, I can talk about foot massage, but in france, I could be in trouble for saying that I give a relaxation massage at the beginning of a reflexology session. I have to find another way to describe the act: I manipulate the foot with circular movements, or, I apply pressure on the foot. The law states that a massage is a therapeutic act so it can only be performed by a person trained in the medical physiotherapy state schools.

So why not create state qualifications for reflexology to raise and harmonize the quality of practitioners instead of ostracizing them.

At least in the UK, the IIR training courses provide a standard which can be recognised throughout the country. The government has worked on this issue to harmonize standards and training modules.

"The Government, in conjunction with Skills for Health, has been reviewing the current qualifications offered for reflexology and other complementary therapies. The results of this are that, as of January 1st 2011, there will be a single set of qualifications in reflexology recognised by the government. Any awarding body wishing to offer an approved level 3 Diploma in Reflexology will be required to follow the same module structure and content." (quoting a letter from Karen King, Chair of the AoR Board of Directors).

Well, I hope it will gradually improve so the profession and benefits of reflexology are properly recognised.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Learning reflexology for fun

I previously posted about training courses to become a professional reflexologist. However, this might not suit everybody, you can be interested in reflexology without wanting to make a career out of it.

So there are other alternatives to a full certification course. There are introductory courses, one day tasters, reflexology workshops, to find out about the theory and learn to perform a basic treatment without committing to a full course and to higher costs. These workshops are great for anybody interested in learning the 'tools' to practice at home, on other family members.

It's also possible to combine such an introduction course with the purchase of a more complex book so you can develop your knowledge at home at your own pace.

Such a book can be downloaded from www.reflexologyfootmassage.com

If you then decide reflexology is definitely the career for you, then you can embark on a full certification course which requires a long term commitment.

Short reflexology workshops are available everywhere, in the UK, US and all around the world. As the interest in this field is growing, more schools are designing introduction workshops. Check out your nearest licensed reflexology school on Google to find out what is on offer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Help for Japan

What a terrible sight in Japan! I was shocked by the force of nature, it is a strong reminder that there is nothing we can do against such force. Even if Japan is better prepared for earthquakes than many other poorer countries, the effects of a quake of that magnitude are still amazing. And the tsunami that followed seems more devastating than the earthquake itself. You must have seen those pictures of an unstoppable wall of water carrying everything in its path.

The burning issue is now the safety of the nuclear plant; any nuclear accident will have long term impact on the region, its inhabitants and wildlife. Like Tchernobyl in 1986.

As a country with a long history of reflexology practice and embedded reflexology paths, let us hope that the Japan will quickly recover.

If you want to advertise a charity offering help to Japan, please add a comment.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Training to become a reflexologist

If you would like to change career and train to become a reflexologist, there are a few things to consider.

For example, you need to work out your budget and timescale.

Depending on the country you live in, you need to check if reflexology is recognized by the state and whether they are some official training schools. Many countries have strict laws and regulations in place for reflexologists. Check out the laws that apply in your country and what type of qualifications are required to practice.

There are many different types of training schools and training courses. It really depends on your availability and the speed of learning: some courses run at week-ends over a year, others are more intensive ...

I would always recommend a course that allows for plenty of practical training, literally "hands on". If fact, you will usually be asked to carry out some case studies before getting your qualification. This also gives you the opportunity to test if this is really the type of work you would like to do. I remember a person that wanted to become a reflexologist but could not stand looking at (not even touching) mishaped feet, so she gave up. It stands to reason that all feet are not in perfect shape like on a magazine cover!

It might also be important to you to have a post-training mentor, someone you can call when you are confronted by an unusual case and need special advice.

In any case, if you are considering becoming a reflexologist, start by reading some books about the subject. In particular, our "step by step" manual will give you a lot of insight about the technical and ethical aspects of reflexology.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Can't shift that nasty cold?

I'm sure you've tried many grandmother tips to cure a cold: Tea with thyme, lavender bath, a strong warm drink .... there are many recipes to try but have you thought about a reflexology session? You can target certain reflex points not only to alleviate the symptoms but to treat the cause.

Reflexology is an holistic therapy so there is no point just working on the lung reflex zones, when other zones can be equally important in treating the health disorder.

This can be a short session, 10 to 15 minutes are sufficient. You should start with a few relaxing movements first of all to put the person at ease. Even if you're doing some self-help, this relaxation part is worth indulging in!
Then work on the lung reflex zone on the left foot three or four times before changing over to the right foot.

Next, work on the spine reflex zone in slow reptation movement from top to heel. Once again, start on the left foot, then move over to the right foot. The spine is so important in reflexology because of the bundles of nerves it contains.

Finally, the digestive system needs to be worked on to accelerate the elimination of toxins. Generally, if the toxins cannot be evacuated by the digestive system, they find another exit causing unbalance and disorder.

Don't forget to finish off with more relaxing movements before nodding off for a peaceful night!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Wishing you all a really great new year! Best wishes for good health, happiness and personal achievement.

What are your thoughts and resolutions for the new year? Whatever they are, believe in yourself and keep going!

Don't forget to practice a bit of foot reflexology to get over those winter colds and boost your energy levels. And when you're feeling stressed out, get your caring partner to massage those feet to send you to heaven! Alternatively, visit your local reflexologist for a treat.