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In my blog I will mainly speak about foot reflexology and regularly present a new aspect of this wonderful healing technique  - I hope you enjoy the blog, it's free to learn.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reviewing or testing reflexology related products

I've just had an idea pop into my head (yes it does happen). There are many products out there that claim to be super effective for your well being and health: foot massager, reflexology socks, reflexology mats and so on.
How many have you tried? Do they work? How do they rate?

I'm going to try and collect a list of these products - they've got to be related to reflexology in some way - and write a review on them.

If you have any comments about reflexology products you have bought, please write to me.

If you are selling these products, maybe you can send me a sample or send me a description. the idea is not to give free advert space for a product but to try and give a fair and balanced view. Maybe using a polling system on this blog...

Anybody with ideas to help me set this up ???