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Monday, July 7, 2008

Reflexology and Cellulite

Summer is already here and I hear many women cursing their thights and buttocks: That horrible cellulite is still here!!! How can I get rid of it?

Well, I don't think there are any miracle cure to get rid of cellulite within 24 hours but it is worth trying reflexology to flush out the toxin and help the body eliminate faster.

First some facts:

Cellulite usually depends on both genetic and hormonal factors. It’s said to worsen with such things as altered blood circulation, incorrect eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and excessive alcohol, high heels and tight garments. 90% of women have been said to confront cellulite, which increases as women age and their skin thins. So we are pretty doomed unless extremely lucky!
Cellulite is not a medical term, but is the name given by the French. Not my fault, I can assure you! For those 10% of women that have never seen cellulite, it describes a skin condition with dimply, orange-peel look above the fat on hips, thighs and buttocks. It results from compressed and stagnant plasma and lymph accumulating in surface adipose (fatty) tissues. In other words,

So how can reflexology help?

Reflexology can assist in reducing cellulite by working on the lymphatic system and digestive system. The session will activate the blood and lymphatic flow hence flushing out accumulated toxins. In the same way, by stimulating the digestive system, it will help get rid of unwanted fats.

Have a look at this short video to see some of the moves for the lympathic system. The digestive system is quite complicated for the untrained person, so it would be better to look at a book if you want to try it out at home.
Reflexology therapy is useful for thousands of problems or illnesses so if you have not undergone training yet, you should do so and treat yourself to a relaxing time!