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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Learning reflexology for fun

I previously posted about training courses to become a professional reflexologist. However, this might not suit everybody, you can be interested in reflexology without wanting to make a career out of it.

So there are other alternatives to a full certification course. There are introductory courses, one day tasters, reflexology workshops, to find out about the theory and learn to perform a basic treatment without committing to a full course and to higher costs. These workshops are great for anybody interested in learning the 'tools' to practice at home, on other family members.

It's also possible to combine such an introduction course with the purchase of a more complex book so you can develop your knowledge at home at your own pace.

Such a book can be downloaded from www.reflexologyfootmassage.com

If you then decide reflexology is definitely the career for you, then you can embark on a full certification course which requires a long term commitment.

Short reflexology workshops are available everywhere, in the UK, US and all around the world. As the interest in this field is growing, more schools are designing introduction workshops. Check out your nearest licensed reflexology school on Google to find out what is on offer.

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