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In my blog I will mainly speak about foot reflexology and regularly present a new aspect of this wonderful healing technique  - I hope you enjoy the blog, it's free to learn.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

Today, we celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year, the year of the Dragon according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. So I wish thee power, good luck, success, and happiness!

Traditionally, the New Year Festival lasts 2 weeks so there are plenty of opportunities for celebrations.

Did you know that this calendar have been going on for 4710 years! When you think that even in those days, the chinese were using reflexology to treat people and provide well-being, it's amazing. Of course, the protocol and methods have changed but the idea remains the same.

So for this Chinese New Year, get working on your feet with a good reflexology session!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cake recipe book for diabetics

I've met up with a wonderful lady that has put together recipes for diabetics.
Here is what she says about the ebook:

Are you diabetic, or do you have friends or family members who are?

Or thinking of starting out on the GI diet?

If so, times may be stressful, but they will be quite possibly more so if you, like me, have an extremely sweet tooth. You might even be thinking more about the loss of sweet food in your future, than the state of your health! The trouble is that cutting refined sugars out of our food plan, although an incredibly healthy thing to try and do, can also leave us with desires for that precious chocolate, cake and cookies. A handful of shops stock diabetic-friendly ready-made foods, but the dessert ranges are less than inspiring, and they don't always taste much better!

What you require is an e book of diabetic cake recipes.

Packed with 39 diabetic cake recipes, from carrot cake to cupcakes, and from applesauce cake to poppyseed muffins, it has anything and everything you could want to eat.

A number of of the recipes are totally sugar-free, others have reduced sugar and added substitutes, and the results are all delicious, and sometimes somewhat surprising! It is all packaged and decorated in an adorable 1950s old style theme, to fit in with the baking! Not only that, but when you order Diabetic Cake Recipes, you as well get an extra TWO electronic books:

Diabetic Cookie Recipes, and Diabetic Dessert Recipes!

Incredible, right?

By using these three books you can expect to never be short of tempting treats, each with a full list of ingredients, and instructions about the best way to cook them. The recipes range between very simple to more complicated, and you'll find styles of food to accommodate everybody. If these books can enable just one sweet-toothed diabetic find a balanced way to indulge themselves, then I'll be delighted.

Mind you, whatever you do, don't reserve these cakes, cookies and desserts just for the diabetics!

I get so many compliments on these bakes from friends, it would seem cruel to leave them out by cooking them a normal cake nowadays!

Happy New Year 2012!

Best wished for 2012 from the bottom of my heart. I hope this year will bring you all joy and harmony, health and serenity, success and achievements. The best way to start the year is to treat yourself to a foot reflexology session. If you can do it yourself, then repeat the relaxing experience as often as you like.

Even if you don't suffer from the flu or other winter bugs, there's nothing better than to sit down and be pampered for an hour.

Well, I know, working on some reflexology pressure points won't bring a smile to your face but it's all worth it.

 And if you're feeling generous, why not make another person happy by offering a reflexology gift voucher.

Have you made any resolutions for the New Year? Well, I've decided to spread the word about reflexology to a wider audience than before so recommended this site to your friends!!