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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reflexology in France

Reflexology is used throughout the world but each country has a different approach to the therapy. For example, in France, reflexology is not recognized by the state so there are no standard training or qualifications. Unfortunately, this can lead to abuse and bad practices which in turn provides further evidence for those that think reflexology is quack therapy. This current situation is also bad for the end-users who can't rely on objective information regarding the training and skill of a reflexologist.

In fact, anyone can set up shop saying they are expert reflexologist! Or even set up a school and deliver diplomas that have no bearing on the quality of the training.

The only thing they are not allowed to do is to use the word "massage" as this term is the monopole of qualified physiotherapists. Any person claiming to provide a massage can be sued by the state! So in English, I can talk about foot massage, but in france, I could be in trouble for saying that I give a relaxation massage at the beginning of a reflexology session. I have to find another way to describe the act: I manipulate the foot with circular movements, or, I apply pressure on the foot. The law states that a massage is a therapeutic act so it can only be performed by a person trained in the medical physiotherapy state schools.

So why not create state qualifications for reflexology to raise and harmonize the quality of practitioners instead of ostracizing them.

At least in the UK, the IIR training courses provide a standard which can be recognised throughout the country. The government has worked on this issue to harmonize standards and training modules.

"The Government, in conjunction with Skills for Health, has been reviewing the current qualifications offered for reflexology and other complementary therapies. The results of this are that, as of January 1st 2011, there will be a single set of qualifications in reflexology recognised by the government. Any awarding body wishing to offer an approved level 3 Diploma in Reflexology will be required to follow the same module structure and content." (quoting a letter from Karen King, Chair of the AoR Board of Directors).

Well, I hope it will gradually improve so the profession and benefits of reflexology are properly recognised.


yann said...

Hello, I have a diploma in Reflexology and I am thinking to come back in France to work as a reflexology therapist. Did you arrived to find an assurance for practicing in France?

Reflexology4U said...

You can get insurance in France to practice. I don't know how they look at foreign diploma.

For more information, you can contact one of the reflexologist on this page (it's my French reflexology site)
In particular, the lady in Seignosse (40), she qualified in the UK.