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Monday, September 12, 2011

Acufit mats

Another comment from Hems about acufit mats. Thanks for your input.

Have you heard of Acufit Mats? These mats utilize Foot Reflexology and Acupressure techniques. Simply walking on the mat for less than 5 minutes a day helps stimulate your body to promote total health. These mats can also help you Relieve Stress as acupressure helps release endorphins, which are the body's natural way to relieve stress and reduce pain.

Comments about products

Here is a comment by Els about some reflexology products. Thank you.

I think some of the attributes are useful. Like a footroller or a soft massagebal with soft pins on it.
It helps in massaging the whole digestion area. It is best when used several times during the day, but not constantly.
For reflexologyshoe's with hard pins on the reflexzones. I think they are a gadget, not an aid. If you imagine your whole bodyweight on just o few pins. Au!
There are also shoe's or slippers with the whole sole with softer pins close together. This is better for the weight is divided over a lot of pins.
In Belgium we have reflexology paths in nature where you can walk on different kind of soil. From mud to logs to soft sand to water to pebbles... It is fun!
What i also encountered was a carpet with plastic pebbles attached but the pebbles where to far away from eachother so you get the result again that it is to much. You're whole bodyweight on just one spot. No reflexologist applies that kind of pressure.

Hope this adds something