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Saturday, October 20, 2007

How to occupy your children while learning foot reflexology

I've got to share this site with you. It has nothing to do with reflexology but it can be very useful for mums who want some quiet time giving or receiving a foot reflexology massage.

It's a web site with plenty of drawings for kids to print out and color, such as halloween and christmas drawings.

Although it's a French web site http://coloriage.mobi/
you can also visit its English section.

This site also has drawing competitions for kids and adults. At the moment there is a competition about animals on the French side of the site. My son James has entered this with a dozen pictures as he is very keen on drawing. Have a look and vote for him if you like his art (he's only six so make some allowances!)It makes a good game for your children to learn French alphabet using animals.

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