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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fitness and health

I've got to share this new "keep fit" program with you.
Every year, I enroll in a local fitness class to have at least 1 hour a week for myself. I live in the countryside in France so the choice is fairly limited, and I don't want to travel for 30 minutes to get to a class.

So a few years ago, we had a yoga teacher. That was great, it worked wonders on my breathing and agility. I was pregnant at the time and I think it was very beneficial for the pregnancy and birth.

Then the yoga teacher retired. The following year, the only local class was run by a young "keep fit" adept. The pace and style were very different; it was all about press-ups and other strenuous exercises to the rhythm of hip-hop music. It certainly toned my stomach muscles but it was not soft enough for me. In France we use the term "gym douce" but I don't think this new teacher know the meaning of soft... or maybe I 'm getting older and can't take it!

Anyway, this year we have an alternative class, and when I say alternative, it really is a different approach. I've only been to one session but it's a welcome shock to the system!
The teacher is used to working with disabled people and workers at risk to help them improve their safety and become aware of their movements. His class is called "fitness and health", he is really passionate about his work but spends too much time talking about the theory. So in an hour, I did not feel like we exercised very much, just played a few games to improve our memory and dexterity. For example, in pairs, we had to run whilst throwing the ball to the partner , then clapping, then catching the ball with one hand and so on... Not as easy at it seems.

I like this approach where every automatic behaviour is broken down to make you conscious of your movement and breathing, getting rid of bad habits to relearn. It's a bit like the Alexander technique, it's educational.

I'm not sure the other ladies are ready for his new approach as it is so different from what we had last year. Anyway, I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on.

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