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Friday, October 15, 2010

Colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy

I've recently discovered a new alternative therapy to clean your body of toxins and help you restore good health. Well, it is not new as such since it has been used for hundreds and even thousands of years. Like so many alternative medecine, we are not inventing anything, just updating and improving the techniques and giving a new name. You might hear about colonic irrigation, colon hydrotherapy or colonic lavage: it's the same thing.

I heard about it because a friend of mine, a naturopath/reflexologist, has trained for months and invested 15000 € in a brand new machine that can clean up your colon and give you a brand new lease of life. I have not yet tested the technique but I'd like to hear from you if you have any experience to share.

Anyway, I've created a website for my friend: L'hydrothérapie du côlon ou irrigation du côlon (sorry it's in French!). He practices near Bordeaux in France so if you're enjoying a holiday in the area, book yourself a session after eating all that rich and gorgeous French food!

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