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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An alternative Christmas

We're getting to this time of year when pressure is on to spend, spend, spend...

At a time when many people are struggling, are worried about losing their job or are unemployed, it might be worth rethinking about spending money on presents for Christmas. So how can we offer nice presents without breaking the bank?

I think we should move away from this consumerism culture, forget the luxury watch, the expensive perfume or the latest computer game - why not give your TIME? Ok get a small present to be opened on Christmas day but mainly give a couple of hours of your free time.

Giving time and effort might seem more difficult than buying something when there is plenty of cash around, however if you're trying to offer a worthwhile present without suffering financially, then change the attitude. This could help your relationship, providing an opportunity to bond again and relax with your loved ones.

For example, buy a massage accessory and offer to massage your loved one with it. Take your disabled mother round the lake or down to the woods to smell the fresh air. Build a birds table with your elderly relative so they can enjoy bird watching from their window. Offer to babysit for your friend while she has her hair done (and vice versa!).

It might be more difficult for children to accept this change, mainly if they still believe in Father Christmas/Santa.
However, teenagers could really enjoy it. For example, take your nephews to a frozen lake or to free museums where they can touch and experience new things. Make it fun and they'll soon forget their video games!

I remember taking my son and his cousin to the Lake District (UK) in the coldest of winters. We could not even drive off the main roads as the small roads were too icy. Instead we walked around and challenged them to climb up a small hill. Well they never had so much fun, going up a little and sliding down on their bottom, then walking up again a bit more and sliding down. Finally getting to the top of the hill with their faces gleaming with pride!

Am I the only one thinking this way or do you agree?
Share your thoughts with me and share your ideas for a truely beautifull Christmas!

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