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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Any occasion is great to practice reflexology

Don't wait for a special occasion to offer a gift voucher for a reflexology session. Just do it at any time of the year when you see your loved one needs a bit of TLC. If you know about reflexology yourself, then offer to do a session when the person feels relax enough. Don't ask just before any appointment, or when she/he is rushed off their feet to go to work!

Get your partner to seat down, breath in and out slowly and deeply before the start of the session and then gently massage the feet - one at a time. Rotate the ankle to loosen the foot and carry out several relaxation movement before starting the reflexology treatment per se.

If you don't have an hour to spare, mainly work on the spine reflex zone and the head. Don't forget the urinary system from kidney to urethra, as this helps eliminate toxins from the body.

Always end the session with a gentle massage and give time for your partner to come back to normal (they might even be asleep!).


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