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Monday, November 1, 2010

Updated book extract

I've updated the extract from the Step by Step book on the Reflexology site so you can now see some of the pictures.

This page deals with the respiratory system. The pictures gives a visual aid to locate reflex points on the sole of the feet and in which order to press them.

This system is one that is currently often worked on as the change of season brings its fair share of colds, sore throat and bronchitis. As mentioned in the book, in reflexology, you never work just on one system to treat an ailment. Reflexology is an holistic therapy so it recognises that many systems are "involved" in an illness.

The ebook is also available for download on the UK reflexology web site .

If you're serious about learning foot reflexology, this ebook is for you as it has been put together using notes from a reflexology training course. The book will enable you to gain specific knowledge about the techniques and uses of reflexology.

It can also be a great Christmas present for a loved one!

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